1. Beautiful. That more exegetes don’t proceed this way is as puzzling as it is annoying. They seem to take a naked page approach where sacramental allusions are always judged according to the highest bar of proof, given an indisputable anti-sacramental, anti-ministerial priesthood bias affecting not only Hebrews’ exegesis, but that of the entire NT.

    Until recently few of them recognized how novel and original Hebrews was in terms of explaining and justifying the priesthood of Jesus alone, not to mention that of his ministers.

    Just what throne of Grace are they exhorted to approach? The one in Heaven only? Why then Grace?


  2. It is to be observed that Hebrews functions almost as if the ministers were already part of the pastoral problem plaguing the community. They then naturally were the object of some delicacy on the part of the author, who waits until the close of the homily, only after making the most robust part of his case, that he turns to an explicit mention of the ministers and their clear-cut role (13:7, 13:17). The ministers in all likelihood not only existed but had become a thorny, “neuralgic”, pastorally sensitive issue.


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