1. Not sure if my last comment went through but just wanted to send another just in case.

    I am putting together a little booklet on prayer for churches and I was wondering if I could use your two articles on St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross in it as well? These two articles helped me tremendously when I first started to read their works and I think they could extremely helpful to others as well. Of course, you would receive all the credit in the booklet and it could be a good way to share your blog with more people as well.

    I would really appreciate your permission to use the two articles, if you are willing.

    Thank you!

    Articles to use


    1. Andrew, Is there any info about you on the web or social media I can access? I see a video with your same name about a conversion to the Catholic faith. Is that you? Or perhaps we need to talk. Tom


      1. Tom,

        Thanks for the quick response. I don’t have an active presence on social media but I did put together a book called A Layman’s Guide to Mental Prayer by The Layman Program. Really, I am just getting started in my process of sharing the resources I have used to help others start an interior journey with God. I don’t want to share my own ideas, philosophy, or opinions, but my goal is to lead others by guiding them to concrete resources to help them in mental prayer (which I believe is grossly misunderstood and rarely utilized).

        I’ve put together more of a landing page for the book at http://www.thelaymanprogram.org and as I said, I am just at the beginning so everything is pretty raw but I would enjoy talking to you further because your concise summaries on the work of those two saints has impacted my undertaking of prayer and that’s why I want to lead others to your summaries as well.

        I would enjoy discussing this with you further. You can reach out, if you are interested, by emailing me at thelaymanprogram@gmail.com.

        Again, thank you.

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